Teambuilding is the process of creating community through promoting cohesivity among individual persons making them turn into a human team, a solid and organized group, to collaborate together or separately and in order to reach a common goal


We reach different goals through diverse techniques and activities like improving the relationships among labourers of the enterprise who see each other everyday or breaking the ice among many people who are meeting together for the first time in a convention, creating interaction among them and stimulating the productivity and the work in group.


The foundations of our learning techniques are based on having fun. Our councelling service counts with 5 phases:

  1. LISTENING: First of all, we listen our customers to know exactly how to help them:  How many people do compose the group? What is their profile? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What is the goal?
  2. DESIGN: Once compiled the info, our team designs a strategy to reach the goal.
  3. PROPOSE: We show our customers an Acitvities Plan and explain them the technical details to see how it works and the impact expected on the group.
  4. ORGANIZE: Once aproved the proposal, we start the logistics necessary to execute it: Equipment, human team, transportation, accommodation, meals…
  5. EVALUATION: When the activity is finished, we evaluate the impact of the activity to measure better the success of the strategy followed.


Canary Islands have the best climate of the world which is perfect for outdoor activities close to the nature. In addition to the many possibilities of leisure that we can offer you, we will make of the experience lived by your group something unforgettable and worthy to repeat periodly.


If you think we can help you, please feel free to contact us calling to (+34) 699 567 544 or sending us an email to Basing on your needs we will design you a teambuilding strategy with pleasure.